4960/4970/4980 Course Description and Registration Form

All students who major in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology are required to take two semesters of independent research (BCMB 4960L/H and BCMB 4970L/H, each 4 hr credit).The attached registration form must be completed by the student and signed by the Faculty mentor in order to register for 4960/4970/4980. Once the form is completed, it then needs to be turned into the Biochemistry Office (Life Sciences, B122). For additional semesters of research, BCMB 4970L/H can be repeated and/or students can take up to two semesters of BCMB 4980L/H. Honors students may elect to complete BCMB 4990H as an Honors Thesis (also 4 hr). BCMB 4960L/H requires no previous lab experience.