Graduate Student Handbook

Rotation Request Form
This form is needed each time you rotate into a new laboratory.

Thesis Mentor Form
Submit this form when you have decided on the laboratory you will be performing your thesis work in (also submit this form if you decide to change your major professor).

Advisory Committee for Doctoral Candidates
Submit this form when you and your adviser have decided on your committee.

Preliminary Doctoral Program of Study
Take this form to your first committee meeting.

Annual Committee Meeting Progress Report
Take this form to EVERY committee meeting.

Final Doctoral Program of Study
This form confirms that you have completed all your course requirements. Since the Graduate School must be notified at least two weeks before your orals; you must e-mail Angie Stockton with the title, time, and place of your oral presentation at least three weeks prior to your orals. The Graduate School will send the final version of this form to your adviser and it will be signed by your committee at your orals.

4960/4970/4980 Course Description and Registration Form
All students who major in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology are required to take two semesters of independent research (BCMB 4960L/H and BCMB 4970L/H, each 4 hr credit).The attached registration form must be completed by the student and signed by the Faculty mentor in order to register for 4960/4970/4980. Once the form is completed, it then needs to be turned into the Biochemistry Office (Life Sciences, B122). For additional semesters of research, BCMB 4970L/H can be repeated and/or students can take up to two semesters of BCMB 4980L/H. Honors students may elect to complete BCMB 4990H as an Honors Thesis (also 4 hr). BCMB 4960L/H requires no previous lab experience.