facilitates and promotes interdisciplinary research and instructional efforts at UGA in the fields of biomedical and health sciences with the goal of improving the understanding of human health and disease.

promotes interdisciplinary research in basic tumor biology, cancer education and prevention, early diagnosis and translational research and care.

is involved in the development of new chemicals and biologicals for combating cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, and infectious diseases.

consists of numerous University of Georgia faculty from various disciplines and departments, all of whom have research interests in the study of metals in biology.

is a university-wide, interdisciplinary center established in 1998 to foster research, education and service related to tropical and emerging global infectious diseases. Mission: To pursue cutting edge research on tropical and emerging global disease and train students in this field

conducts basic research to study the structure and function of complex carbohydrates, and trains scientists from the U.S. and around the world in the principles, methods, and analytical techniques used to study complex carbohydrates.

promotes interdisciplinary interactions, new collaborations, and synergy between UGA faculty, regional institutions, and the private sector to address existing and emerging infectious disease threats.

aims to develop new approaches and techniques in X-ray crystallography for an improved understanding of how structure relates to function in biological macromolecules.

provides resources in genomics, proteomics and glycomics.

is focused on the cellular and molecular aspects of plant growth and development, plant genome organization and function, the application of molecular and genetic tools to improve cultivated plants, and in understanding organisms that interact with plants.

is an inter-institutional resource dedicated to the development and application of new NMR methods for biomolecular studies. It provides 900 MHz NMR access in addition to existing 800 MHz access.