Assistant Research Scientist
1039 CCRC 706-542-8387

PhD (Physical chemistry)  - Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi
Post Doctoral Research Associate -  University of Pennsyvania
MRI Manager - Indiana University - Purdue University
MR Physicist - Dartmouth Medical Center

Dr. Khan Hekmatyar has extensive experience in preclinical in vivo MRS/MRI (spectroscopy and imaging), particular expertise in imaging and spectroscopy of animal tumor models and brain MR imaging of neurodegenative diseases in animals. He currently serves as MRI manager for 7T, involves pulse sequence/protocols development, optimization, implementation and data analysis. He provides the interface between 7T MRI and other departments with imaging interests and needs, develops new projects, data analysis support, trains students.

Research Interests: Brain Tumor Imaging, functional MRI in animals, in-vivo MRS/MRI and hyperpolarzation

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Small Animal MRI Lab
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